• 100% inorganic, non-biodegradable blend of natural minerals
  • Light weight, odourless and non-toxic, non flammable and non carcinogenic
  • Environmentally friendly and safe “Green” product
  • Chemically inert


  • Reduced costs on cleanup down time, manpower, amount of product used and disposal
  • Safety and environment protection issue of workplace are assured
  • Non-selective(except hydrofluoric acid),removes liquid spills quickly and easily by a means known "silica encapsulation" cleans up a litre of oil in approximately 2 minutes
  • Surface is clean and dry ,eliminates any possibility of slipping and falling
  • A very small amount cleans up a very large spill,1.3Kg to pick up a full litre of motor oil, about 10 times if you would use clay(kitty litter)
  • Safe for landfills and recognized as a total encapsulant, contaminated absorbent material does not release under pressure or rain.
We're Economical and Environmentally Friendly
Perlite Dry Absorbent Specialist

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