June, 2011 -  EE-Enviclean endorsed by HACCP Australia

EE-Enviclean Envi-01 met the requirements of a HACCP based Food Safety Programme in accordance with the standards of HACCP Australia's Food Safety Certification Systems and was awarded the endorsement on 20 June, 2011. "EE-Enviclean is now ready to make its inroad into the Hospitality and Food Manufacturing Facilities Cleaning Industries" commented Desmond - Managing Director of Double-E Enviclean Pty Ltd.

May, 2011 - Exclusive Distributors appointed for Interstates, Australia

Double-E Enviclean Pty Ltd had appointed exclusive distributors for the states of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. EE-Enviclean Super Dry Absorbent is now available in these 3 states. " We are continuing to expand our markets in order to provide one of the world's best absorbent to consumers in these states. Our plan is to make the products available nationwide towards the end of year 2011", said Desmond.
April 2011 - EE-EnvicLean appoints OEM packaging and logistics agent for Victoria
Double-E Enviclean has appointed David Chang Logisitics Pty Ltd for a five year period as its OEM packaging and logisitics agent in Victoria. The appointment follows discussions with several logistics houses as the company sought to outsouce its logistics and packaging functions in order to focus on increasing sales and better service for customers. 
"This agreement realises a unique OEM packaging capability allowing OEM packaging of EE-EnvicLean's Super Dry Absorbent in Victoria," said Desmond -EE-EnvicLean Managing Director . "Our focus on customer service is number one and we look forward to working with David and his team."
April 2011 - Copyright Registration of "Formula for Super Dry Absorbent" approved
Double-E EnvicLean has announced that Copyright registration for the company's unique formula for EE-EnvicLean Super Dry Absorbent has been approved. The Copyright applies to the formula used in EE-EnvicLean which is fast becoming the leading absorbent for liquid spills. Details of this copyright are available by clicking here.

January 2011 - EE-EnvicLean Appoints Exclusive Distributor for Brunei and East Malaysia 

 Double-E EnvicLean Pty Ltd has appointed Ovais Sdn Bhd, a well established consulting and engineering business in the Oil and Gas industry, as its exclusive distributor for Brunei and the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. 

 Ovais has closed its first sale with EE-EnvicLean, the world’s leading absorbent for liquid spills, to be supplied to Brunei’s largest Toyota and Lexus dealership including EE-EnvicLean within its workshop and service centres for the cleanup of liquid spills.

Ovais has also obtained approval and certification from Shell Brunei for EE-EnvicLean to be utilised in the cleanup and containment of liquid spills in its refining and distribution centres. 

"EE-EnvicLean is thrilled to be partnering with Ovais in these rapidly growing markets in South East Asia,” said EE-EnvicLean Managing Director, Desmond Tan. “EE-EnvicLean has substantially grown its Australian market presence in the past 18 months and we look forward to working with Ovais to achieve similar growth in these markets.”

 “The awareness and demand for environmentally friendly products in the region is strong and growing and we have already had good responses from our discussions with key customers,” said Ovais Managing Director Shahfarudin bin D Hj Noordin. 

August 2010 - EE-EnvicLean© and Holden Dealers Service Managers Association Announce New Environment Award

Double-E EnviClean, the supplier of EE-EnvicLean© Super Dry Encapsulant for Liquid Spills, in partnership with the Holden Dealers Service Managers Association and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has announced a call for entries from Holden Service Centres in Victoria and Tasmania to enter the Holden Service Centre Environment Award.

The Holden Service Centre Environment Award is the first environment award to recognise the achievements of Service Centres in changing their practices and providing leadership to achieve positive outcomes for the environment and Service Centre operations in areas such as waste reduction and improved safety.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with an innovative company like Double-E EnviClean for an award that recognises the great work Holden Service Centres are doing in achieving positive outcomes for the environment and their service centres,” said Richard Rayner, President of the Victorian Holden Dealers Service Managers Association.

Entries open on August 1 with the leading three service centres to be announced at the Holden Dealers Service Managers Association annual dinner on 3 December, 2010. Click Here to view the announcement.

To enter the Holden Service Centre Environment Award, Click Here to download an entry form 

July 2010 - EE-EnvicLean® Moves to Integrated Administration and Warehouse Facility

As a result of continued growth in Australia and an expansion of its exporting activities to markets in Asia and the Middle East, EE-EnvicLean© has relocated to an integrated administration and warehouse premises.

"This new facility will allow EE-EnviClean to better serve the needs of our national customers with a broader range of products as we continue to grow our domestic and international market presence," said Desmond Tan Managing Director of EE-EnviClean.

May 2010 - Shell Brunei Registers EE-EnvicLean

EE-EnvicLean© is pleased to announce that Shell Brunei has confirmed the registation of EE-EnvicLean© for use by the company as a HSE service and Chemical spill product.

"This registration confirms what we have shown as the superior liquid absorption and retention qualities of  EE-EnviClean in the cleanup of liquid spills," said Desmond Tan, Managing Director of Double-E EnvicLean.

Smart Approved Watermark

January 2010 - Smart Approved Watermark endorses EE-EnvicLean© Smart Approved Watermark, Australia's labelling scheme for products and services that are helping to reduce water use, has endorsed EE-EnvicLean© as a product that is conserving water by using NO water in the cleanup of liquid spills. Click here to view the EE-EnvicLean© product listing on the Smart Approved Watermark endorsed product listing. 


"The endorsement of EE-Enviclean by Smart Approved Watermark is very significant as it confirms EE-EnvicLean® is the smart choice for the cleanup of liquid spills," said Desmond Tan, Managing Director of Double-E EnvicLean.


December 2009 - savewater.com.au APPROVES EE-EnvicLean® to DISPLAY savewater!® 
EE-EnvicLean© has been approved by savewater.com.au to display the savewater!®  mark which confirms EE-EnvicLean©  products can help the environment and help you save money on water and energy bills. All products are independently reviewed by the National Centre for Sustainability at Swinburne University. Click here to view the EE-EnvicLean© product listing on savewater.com.au.


EE-EnvicLean© is part of a project team comprising University of Melbourne, EPA Victoria, Pyrenees Shire and Latrobe University that has been granted funding under the ARC Linkage Grants program for a project to develop Phytoextraction approaches for mitigating heavy metal release from unlined and loosely capped rural landfills.
“We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting project,” said Desmond Tan, Managing Director of Double-E EnvicLean. “We hope the outcomes from this project will identify ways to achieve better outcomes in the management and recovery of landfills.” The project seeks to develop novel approaches which will improve substantially the long-term environmental safety of rural landfills and deliver additional economic benefits.
These approaches involve the use of high-value tree crops and plants capable of extracting toxic metals. Utilization of these plants will create a valuable resource on an otherwise derelict area and this will be of considerable local/regional benefit and national significance.  
To view a copy of the Letter of Appointment from Senator the Hon Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research click here.
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